Monday, April 20, 2009

Cambodia PM Calls for Probe Into Thai Artillery Shells

By Soy Sophea

The Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on February 20 called on Thai government to investigate their artillery bullets which were fired to Cambodian territory during its military exercise along the border of the two countries, and the shelling was happened on February 17, 2008.

The Prime Minister told reporters after a apologize meeting with Thai military deputy commander at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. “I recommend to Thai delegates to have a probe in order to explain the reasons to their people and soldiers why the Artillery has occurred three times to Cambodian territory,” the Prime Minister said. “This is a test for relation mechanism, which it is a good relation and patient,” he added.

The Premier continued to say that the Thai Army Commander-in-Chief, Anupong Paojinda has sent him an apologize message and sent his army college to ask for apologize face to face with the Cambodian Prime Minister.

The Premier told the visiting Thai delegates that the apologizing visit is a reason for Cambodian government to explain its people why the event occurred. He said the explanation is a reason to each other and promise not to repeat the situation.

Teradej Kotcharat, Thai Army Deputy Commander-in-Chief, led Thai army delegates to meet Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen for apologize which he assured that the event was a unprecedented accident in its military exercise along the Cambodian and Thai border.

However, Pol Saroeun, Cambodian Army Commander-in-Chief, on February 19 explained the situation to Phnom Penh-based foreign attaché officers including Thai attaché officer.

However, the Cambodian Army Commader-in-Chief assured that the event was unwillingness but there was a technical mistakes made by fresh Thai soldiers. He confirmed that Cambodia has obtained the apologize message from the Thai Army region 2 and he said Cambodia has not given an alert for Cambodian troop to stand for Thai troops as it is considered as accident.

He added that the Cambodian government and army’s stand is to keep cooperation with military soldiers to build peace along borders. Tensions flared in July last year after the site was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Status list.

Both countries deployed troops to the border area in October and each suffered casualties in sporadic fighting.

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